Stockport ends its higher payments for foster carers

Foster carers in Stockport are considering moving to private
agencies after the local authority put an end to the high payments
it had been making, pending a Best Value review of child care.

Last October, the council increased payments by more than
£100 a week in a bid to discourage foster parents from signing
up with private agencies.

But the Department of Health has asked the council to bring
payments back into line with other local authorities.

“The new weekly payment for fostering a child will range from
£183 to £297 [a week per child] and will come into effect
at the beginning of September.

“Stockport remains one of the top payers in the region,” a
spokesperson said.

But carer Debbie Barnett, a member of the Stockport foster
parents’ and adopters’ support group, commented: “Some people are
very annoyed that the interim payment has been taken away and are
talking about signing up with private agencies.”

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