Glasgow changes policy on asylum seekers

Glasgow Council has decided to change its policy towards
dispersal of asylum seekers and refugees following mass
demonstrations in the streets of the city.

Other areas of the city will be used to accommodate asylum
seekers moving away from the concentration on Sighthill where more
than half of the city’s 8,500 refugees are currently housed.
The council is also to approach other local authorities in Scotland
and demand they accept asylum seekers. It has already received the
support of the Scottish executive and the Commission for Racial

The change of direction followed the murder of a young asylum
seeker, Firsat Yildiz, which resulted in massed protests breaking
into sporadic violence – a situation predicted by many
campaign groups.

Robina Qureshi, director of Positive Action in Housing, said:
“The council are to receive £100 million over five years yet
no resources have been invested in protecting asylum seekers or
community development. Not one extra policeman, no money for social
work. Glasgow has treated their task as concerning housing

The Scottish Refugee Council, slated the council and the home
office for doing too little to protect refugees, and blamed an
irresponsible media for fuelling their vulnerability.

Julia Allan, manager of the Scottish Refugee Council, said:
“Successful integration and settlement of asylum seekers will not
take place until the government and local authorities review the
asylum system and properly finance dispersal.”

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