Performance improves, say Best Value indicators

    Social services performance in English councils improved last
    year, according to newly predicted Best Value performance indicator

    Overall, findings show a closing of the gap between the best and
    worst councils on three-quarters of indicators – but with some
    significant disparities still remaining. Education and social
    services performance improved for nearly all relevant

    Of the 20 Best Value indicators for which comparisons over time
    can be made with previous Audit Commission indicators, five relate
    to social services performance. Final data for 2000-1 – the first
    year of Best Value – will be published by the end of the year and
    will act as a baseline against which authorities should be able to
    measure progress in future years.

    Improvement in social services performance will be measured in
    particular against four indicators relating to the cost of services
    for: looked-after children; the cost of intensive social care for
    adults and older people; the percentage of items of equipment under
    £1,000 delivered within three weeks; and the percentage of
    people receiving a statement of needs and how they will be met.

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