Gaps in services for brain-injured people revealed

More should be done to provide services and vocational training
for people who have suffered serious brain injury, according to a
new report by disability charity Rehab UK.

The report states there are too few joint strategies between
health authorities, local authorities and others who care for
people with a brain injury.

“Attempts are made to address the needs of head-injured people
within the existing services for people with physical disabilities
or mental health problems. These services are rarely appropriate,”
it says. The charity says more should be done to help brain-injured
people retrain and return to work.

“The benefits of vocational training are immense, not only in
financial terms, but in terms of personal achievement and
happiness,” it says.

Rehab UK runs four centres that provide specialist vocation
services for those with acquired brain injury.

In March, the Commons health select committee recommended social
services departments regard head-injured people as a specific user
group, and plan appropriate services.

– Silent Epidemic: Britain’s Failure in Brain Injury
Rehabilitation is available from 020 8896 2333

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