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By Clare Jerrom and Reg McKay.

French judge rejects Eurotunnel plea to shut down
Sangatte camp

A French judge rejected a request from Eurotunnel yesterday to
close the Sangatte refugee centre because it encouraged the
invasion of the nearby French tunnel terminal by more than 6,000
people a month.

Eurotunnel had appealed to the administrative court in Lille for
an injunction to suspend the state requisition order which created
the refugee camp from two disused warehouses. But judge Jean-Max
Brunet ruled the camp would stay open.

Home secretary David Blunkett will take up concerns over the Red
Cross camp with his French counterpart Daniel Vaillant when they
meet in Paris tonight.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 12 September page 7

Rising drug use prompts call for policy

Teenage drug habits are evident in adults in their late 20s,
Britain’s drugs squad officers will be told today.

Rising drug use among 20-year-olds puts a question mark over the
government’s focus on reducing drug misuse among under 25s,
according to drugs criminologist Howard Parker.

Parker will suggest a programme is needed to minimise the harm
to these “recreational drug users”, and to the wider community,
from drug driving, accidents, public order offences and minor
mental health problems.

The home office researcher on drugs, who will speak today at the
Association of Chief Police Officers’ annual conference, will
say it is time to abandon the four-year old target of reducing drug
misuse among under 25s as unrealistic.

Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 12 September page

Most children left ignorant of reasons for
parents’ break-up

Most children from separated families are bewildered as they
receive little explanation as to why their parents have chosen to
split up, according to research.

Nearly a quarter said nobody talked to them about the change in
their lives and 45 per cent claimed they were told a parent was
leaving with no explanation, according to the study for the Joseph
Rowntree Trust.

Children whose grandparents supported them through the break-up
were less likely to show signs of aggression and anxiety

Professor Judy Dunn of Kings College who co-wrote the report
said: “Many children are left feeling they do not know what is
happening when their parents separate – and the danger that
they will interpret this as meaning they are no longer loved by the
parent who has left.”

Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 12 September page

Blunkett calls for street wardens with power to hold

People involved in disorder or anti-social behaviour could face
being detained by civilian street wardens under new proposals from
the home secretary.

David Blunkett said civilians providing an “additional police
presence” on the streets might be able to seize property such as
nuisance vehicles, as well as having powers of detention to hold
people until a police officer arrived to deal with them.

Blunkett said the detention power would stop short of arrest,
which would remain with police officers.

Source:- Daily Telegraph Wednesday 12 September page

Guardian Society

Cutting edge

Mounting budget pressures could force local authorities to
seriously overspend or squeeze services for children, older people
and other vulnerable groups, directors of social services have

A survey of 138 out of 150 authorities responsible for social
services in England found that 87 per cent thought they would not
have enough money to meet projected demand.

More than half said their budget position was worse than last
year when the system scraped an over spend of £200

John Ransford, the LGA’s head of social affairs, health
and housing said: “The government has put resources into health and
education, but social services has been left behind. Yet the
investment on health cannot work unless resources are put into
social services.”

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 12 September page

A hand in the home

Top award contender involves older people in home design

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 12 September page

Teesside trawl for talent

Middlesbrough attracts workers by offering empty homes

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 12 September page

It’s payback time

Offenders are making amends by working for the victims of crime
in a scheme which also benefits the wider community

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 12 September page

Out of touch

Communication aids are a lifeline for those unable to speak, so
why is it so hard to get them?

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 12 September page

Cut off by kindness

Late diagnosis of dementia means carers fail to get support

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 12 September page

Scottish newspapers

Child abuse investigation at independent

Scotland’s oldest independent boarding school, Loretto,
was at the centre of a police investigation last night when it
emerged that a third former pupil has claimed he was subject to sex
abuse by the same teacher 30 years ago.

The first claim was made by film director, Don Boyd, who alleged
systematic sex abuse by a named teacher between 1958 and 1965. His
claims were backed up by a university professor described only as a
leading academic.

The third man to come forward has asked that no personal details
be released, but has claimed the same former French teacher
subjected him to sexual abuse over a number of years. The alleged
perpetrator had been accused of sex abuse at the school in 1967 and
left immediately. He is now retired and living in London.

Source:- The Herald Wednesday 12 September page 12







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