Councillors critical of cash distribution

The system for distributing money for
regeneration projects in London is cumbersome and confusing
according to a Greater London Authority committee charged with
evaluating regeneration projects.

The GLA’s Regeneration Funding Investigative
committee said last week that London-based projects could be
missing out on vital funding because there was a lack of
co-ordination on how cash was dispersed.

The comments came after the committee took
evidence from the London Development Agency, the Association of
London Government and the Learning and Skills Council.

The committee heard that organisations knew
there was regeneration money available, but it was “in the hands of
a plethora of organisations”.

Ten or more agencies distribute regeneration
money in London including the government office for London, the
London development agency, local councils, health authorities and
various charities.

Committee chairperson Eric Ollerenshaw, told
Community Care: “There’s a lot of people putting money out
there. Voluntary groups find it very difficult to know who to
approach and which forms to fill in. There’s so many agencies, it
is clogging up the system.”

He suggested that regional co-ordination of
funding distribution would ensure funds were disseminated more

The committee will continue investigations
into the new year, and will be visiting other agencies and
regeneration projects as part of its work.

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