Accessible information needed for the blind

People with sight problems in the UK face
unnecessary risks every day because information is not available to
them in accessible formats.

A survey of more than 1,000 people with sight
problems by the Royal National Iinstitute for the Blind shows that
nearly three quarters could be at risk because they struggle to
read instructions on medicines or letters from their doctor.

The RNIB proposes simple solutions, such as
larger print on food preparation instructions, a variety of formats
for medical information, and talking information points at bus

RNIB director Ian Bruce said: “The Disability
Discrimination Act requires that people providing a service must
ensure that it is accessible by providing information about the
service in alternative formats. The Human Rights Act also has
important ramifications for the production of information in a
format that people can read.”

Access to Written Information: the Views
of 1,000 People with Sight Problems

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