Younger disabled people left out of personal care plans

The Scottish executive and the care development group have
failed to meet the needs of younger disabled people creating a
discriminatory “two tier system” according to Capability Scotland,
Scotland’s largest campaigning group on behalf of people with

According to Capability Scotland, disabled people aged between
18-59 have “fallen off” the agenda despite the Royal Commission on
Long Term Care for the Elderly proposing that all its
recommendations could apply to this group as well as older people.
The care development group has made no mention of younger disabled
people in its proposals.

Capability Scotland warns that Scotland could end up with a two
tier system where only those with a disability and aged over 60
years will get free personal care. In the current proposals to be
laid out in the Community Care and Health Bill to be published on
25 September, it remains unclear what assistance will be offered
those aged under 60 but with the same needs.

Michelle Hegarty, director of communications for Capability
Scotland, said: “It was clear from the Sutherland Commission that
they saw many of their recommendations on free personal care
applying to younger disabled people. We are calling on the
executive to review how the commission’s recommendations on
younger disabled people can be implemented so that we do not see an
arbitrary age barrier to free personal care.”

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