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mayor of New York speaks to conference

interview with the deputy mayor of New York in which he talked about the
aftermath of the September 11 tragedy was relayed to delegates at the National
Social Services Conference.

Local Government Association’s head of social affairs John Ransford travelled
to New York to talk to Anthony Coles about the efforts made by the city’s
leadership to return it to some normality and revive the morale of citizens.

apologised for not being able to attend the conference in person, but explained
how the terrorist attack had been the preoccupation of everyone in New York.

said the city had been forced to ‘peg back’ budgets by 15 per cent because a
downturn in the city’s economy will reduce civic revenues by an estimated $1
billion in this financial year. Tax rises have been ruled out, he said, and
there may even be tax cuts to stimulate the economy.

clips of New York’s mayor Rudolph Giuliani giving a briefing on the financial
implications of the attacks were also shown.

said: ‘The most encouraging thing we found was the absolute absence of rancour.
But there is a search for understanding for why this happened and not a thirst
for revenge.’

said this country could learn from the Americans’ resolve, and use their
experience to address problems such as inequality.

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