Bragg says better regulation needed

regulation system for independent television could provide a model
for resolving the tension between public services and commercial
disciplines, according to Melvyn Bragg, novelist and

ITV was
a commercial company which produced more religious, regional and
children’s programmes and documentaries than the BBC because the
Independent Television Commission had “a clear idea” of what a
public service company should be, said Lord Bragg.

It was
unhelpful, he believed, to look at other models of organisation,
like the Army or big business. Tesco produced 15 million cans of
beans for everyone whereas social services had to provide 15
million individually tailored packages, he added.

question time he was asked why television bosses had ignored pleas
for someone to produce a programme along the lines of BBC’s
Casualty but focusing on social workers rather than
hospital staff.

replied: ” If you want someone to do a television drama about
social services you need to invite a group of writers to your
authority and show them what you do. They are the ones that have to
want to write it.”

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