Increase in formal admissions to hospital under mental health act

The number of formal admissions to hospital under the Mental
Health Act 1983 has increased over the past decade from 18,000 in
1990-91 to 26,700 in 2000-1, writes Clare

Ninety per cent of all formal admissions were to NHS hospitals,
under Part II of the act, according to the information on patients
detained under the Mental Health Act 1983, announced by the
department of health.

The rate of detentions in NHS hospitals under the act in
2000-2001 in England remained at 91 per 100,000 population.

In March this year, there were 13,800 patients detained in
hospital with the vast majority being in high security psychiatric
hospitals. A further 10,900 patients were in NHS facilities and
1,700 in private mental nursing homes.

National statistics on the number of people subject to
guardianship were also published in a report: “Guardianship under
the Mental Health Act 1983, England 2001.”

In the year to 31 March 2001, 519 guardianship cases were closed
and 558 new cases opened, resulting in 1,035 being open at the end
of the year. The average length of guardianship was 16 months.

The statistics on mental health inpatients are available from
and the figures on guardianship are available from

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