Staff Supervision in Social Care

Tony Morrison, Pavilion Publishing, The
Ironworks, Cheapside, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 4GD, £49.95
plus 10 per cent p&p

This is a new edition of this long-running
Pavilion publication. It is aimed at anyone seeking to make
supervision more effective, and is suitable for both new and
experienced supervisors. It covers the purposes, policies and
definitions of supervision in social care; the promotion of
reflective practice in supervision; the use of group supervision;
and the emotional impact of supervision. There is an extensive list
of additional resources, and a supervisor competence

Focus On Mental Health And Older People

Marilyn Harvey (ed), Pavilion Publishing,
£69.95 plus p&p

A training resource for mental health support
staff who work with older people, which covers the value base
requirements of NVQ Levels 2 and 3. It includes guidelines on
facilitating activities, information about symptoms and illnesses
relevant to older people’s mental health and well-being, and a
useful list of contacts for advice and information. The A4
ringbound materials include trainer’s guidance notes, photocopiable
overhead slides and handout masters.

Staying Home Alone

Annette McDonald, Pavilion Publishing,
£60 plus p&p

The training pack is mainly aimed at care
workers who are working towards an S/NVQ Level 2 competence in
care, and should be of interest to all home care staff who are
working with people who have dementia. It provides for three
workshops for home care workers, and emphasises the importance of
person-centred work; challenging staff to re-think attitudes
towards dementia in order to practice more effectively.

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