Ripples – Groupwork in Different Settings

by Oded Amnor
Whiting and Birch Limited
ISBN 1 86177 034 1

reproduces as 11 chapters articles that were originally published in the
journal Groupwork. Three contributions describe groups with a personal
orientation, four consider groups with an interpersonal focus, and four analyse
groupwork’s contribution to addressing social concerns. The chapters have not
been updated since they first appeared in 1999 and 2000, so in small respects
are out-of-date. Oded Manor provides an introduction but the themes he
introduces, such as the importance of moral values for practice, are derived
from the contributions rather than providing a connecting framework around
which the papers are written.

of the chapters report work familiar to groupworkers. Mark Doel and Catherine
Sawdon’s describe a groupwork project in a social work agency. Mark Harrison
and Dave Ward explore groupwork and social action. Readers might want to refer
to the primary sources for such work. Some chapters provide research evidence
on outcomes, signpost good groupwork practice and offer pertinent criticisms of
the off-the-shelf programmes now in vogue.

overall a year’s subscription to the journal would probably be a better

Preston-Shoot is professor of social work and social care at Liverpool John
Moores University.

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