Two per cent of population abuse drugs

Two per cent of the Scottish population aged between 15 and 54
are drug misusers, according to latest research.

There are an estimated 55,800 ‘problematic’ drug misusers in
Scotland, and of this figure, an estimated 22,800 are injecting
drugs, according to a new report.

The research, ‘Estimating the National and Local
Prevalence of Problem Drug Misuse in Scotland’, found the highest
prevalence rate in Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen.

Drug misuse is also occurring in both urban and rural areas,
says the Scottish executive commissioned research.

It was compiled by the Centre for Drug Misuse Research at the
University of Glasgow in conjunction with the Scottish Centre for
Infection and Environmental Health.

Deputy Justice Minister Ian Gray said: “This report gives us a
much clearer picture of the drug problem in Scotland’s
communities – and what we have to do to improve things.

“The executive is investing record amounts in tackling drug
misuse. New treatment and rehabilitation services have now been set
up, including many in areas which previously didn’t have
them,” he said.





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