Young Scots `ignorant` about health needs

Young Scottish people care less about their health and have an
ignorance about vitamin supplements, according to a poll carried
out by nutrition experts.

Around half of the adults surveyed said they took multi-vitamin
pills. But young adults were also found to have the least knowledge
of vitamins, with 59 per cent claiming they never took a daily

The poll carried out by Nutricia and Boots the chemist
highlighted that the age group with the highest number of people
suffering “ailments” recently was the 18 to 24 age group, with 56
per cent of respondents complaining.

Gareth Zeal, Nutricia’s nutrition expert, said: “The
younger generation think they are invincible, but the reality is
they are not.

“Later, when many start families in their mid twenties, they
become more conscious about protecting the family’s

Almost three quarters of the 1,000 Scots interviewed said they
were more conscious about their health than they were five years



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