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By Clare Jerrom and Reg McKay.

Brother ‘seconds from saving

Sarah Payne was only 10 seconds away from being saved by her
brother, it emerged yesterday at Lewes crown court.

Luke Payne was chasing Sarah as she fled a cornfield where the
family had been playing, but he turned back to comfort his younger
sister Charlotte. When he looked back to Sarah, it was too late to
stop her running onto the road where her other brother Lee said he
saw a man in a white van.

In a police video recorded the day after Sarah vanished, both
brothers gave descriptions of the last time they saw their
eight-year-old sister.

Sarah’s body was found in Pulborough, west Sussex, 16 days
after she disappeared.

Roy Whiting denies kidnapping and murdering Sarah in July last

The trial continues.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 20 November page 3

Climbie parents may sue over care failings

The parents of Victoria Climbie may bring private prosecutions
against police officers and care workers whose negligence
contributed to her murder, their lawyer said yesterday.

Imran Khan, the solicitor representing Berthe and Francis
Climbie said anyone who was found to have failed the child would be
brought to book.

A public inquiry into the death of the eight-year-old has heard
of 12 occasions when social workers, police and hospital staff
could have intervened.

Her parents allowed Victoria’s great aunt Marie Therese
Kouao to take the child to Europe in hope she would receive a
better education.

Kouao and her boyfriend Carl Manning were sentenced to life
imprisonment in January for murdering and abusing the girl.

Khan said: “At the end of this inquiry, it is possible there may
be complaints relating to certain individuals. I am getting
déjà-vu from the Lawrence inquiry.”

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 20 November page 10

Officer in Climbie case ‘was scared of

A police constable refused to go into Victoria Climbie’s
home for fear of catching scabies, an inquiry into the girl’s
death was told yesterday.

PC Karen Jones was asked to inspect the eight-year-old’s
home before she was discharged from hospital where she had been
admitted with scalding wounds on her head.

She told the inquiry into Victoria’s death: “I was
thinking if she has scabies it would be in the home too. It might
not be logical, but I did not know anything about scabies.”

Instead Marie Therese Kouao was invited to social services
offices two days before Victoria was due to return home.

Jones found no grounds for seeking police protection, and
Victoria was returned home.

She died six months later.

Kouao and her boyfriend Carl Manning were convicted of her
murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

The inquiry continues.

Source:- The Independent Tuesday 20 November
page 13

So why does a woman stay with a violent

For 10 years lecturer Teena Gould put up with the violent
behaviour of her partner. Here she tells why she did…

Source:- Daily Mail Tuesday 20 November page 26-27

Scottish newspapers

Plan to attract more nurses

A £1.5 million strategy has been launched by the Scottish
executive to halt the exodus of nurses to the private sector and
reverse the public sector’s shortage of staff.

The plan includes a £200,000 advertising campaign,
£200,000 spent on creating 1,000 clinical leaders under a
programme created by the Royal College of Nursing, and
£100,000 spent on providing grants to former nurses and
midwives to encourage their return to the profession.

Source:- The Herald Tuesday 20 November page 4




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