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By Clare Jerrom and Reg McKay.

Jonathan King jailed for abuse of starstruck

Pop mogul Jonathan King began a seven-year sentence last night
at a high security prison for sex offences against school boys.

King, who used his Rolls Royce to attract starstruck teenagers
to his home, has been placed on the sex offenders’ register
and banned from working with children.

The pop celebrity was found guilty of six charges of serious
sexual assault and indecent assault against five boys aged 14 and
15. He was jailed for terms ranging from six months to seven years
and the sentences will run concurrently.

Judge David Paget said: “This was a serious breach of trust. You
used your fame and success to attract adolescent and impressionable
boys. You then abused the trust they and their parents placed in

King was convicted in September, but the case could not be
reported because he faced further trials, which collapsed

King denies all charges and will appeal against the

Source:- The Times Thursday 22 November page 1

Paedophile ring began with guest DJ spot

Jonathan King first began to prey on young boys at a small disco
in Weybridge, Surrey, when he realised how his celebrity status
left youngsters starstruck.

It was more than 20 years before evidence of the paedophile ring
emerged as one victim came forward in 1997 to say that he had been
abused by King after meeting him at the Walton Hop, where the pop
celebrity was guest DJ.

Detectives believe the boys were “passed around” by a paedophile
ring that operated at the club. At the centre was a disc jockey,
who is serving a jail sentence for abusing gypsy children in

Three of the charges against King related to boys he was said to
have met at the Walton Hop.

Officers have also not ruled out the possibility that King may
have abused dozens more children on his travels around the

Source:- The Times Thursday 22 November page 4

Sarah defendant ‘had few

The man accused of murdering Sarah Payne was portrayed to be a
loner who had an in-depth knowledge of the Sussex countryside,
where the eight-year-old girl’s body was found, a court heard

Roy Whiting had few friends and did not really talk to his
former building colleagues. Lewes crown court was told that he
often sat alone in fast food restaurant in the same seat and
ordering the same meal.

Whiting’s former employer Douglas Wawman said: “I would
describe him as a loner with few or no friends and someone with
whom I had not much if anything in common.”

The court heard how Whiting had intimate knowledge of the

Whiting denies kidnapping and murdering Sarah last July.

The trial continues.

Source:- The Times Thursday 22 November page 8

Wheelchair fraudster gets life for killing

A man who posed as a wheelchair bound invalid was jailed for
life for murdering his wife in an attack.

Malcolm Anders repeatedly stabbed his wife Linda at their home
last December. He told detectives that an intruder had killed her
after a break in, yet a handbag containing £180 was left
untouched and there was no evidence of forced entry.

Judge David Clarke QC said: “You are a clever and manipulative
man who has consistently said whatever you believe to be your

The jury returned a unanimous verdict of guilty.

Charles Chruszcz QC for the prosecution had told the court
Anders was physically able to do whatever he wanted, and doctors
could find no real reason why he needed a wheelchair.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 22 November page 10

‘Safe sex’ nun told ‘remove Aids

A nun and archbishop have clashed over information on safe sex
and condoms available to mark World Aids day at the beginning of
next month

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Southwark the Most Rev Michael
Bowen has asked sister Dorothy Bell, the archdiocese’s Aids
co-ordinator, to remove posters she sent to parish churches.

The posters give a helpline number and website address offering
information about how to use contraception.

But artificial contraception is forbidden under Catholic

Sister Bell has apologised for “any anxiety” caused to priests.
She said that people felt Aids had gone away because there was
little in the media about it.

Source:- Daily Telegraph Thursday 22 November page

Scottish newspapers

Sex offences bill wins backing

A bill which will deny a person accused of rape from
cross-examining the alleged culprit received backing from all
political parties in the Scottish parliament yesterday. The Sexual
Offences (procedure and evidence) (Scotland) Bill has been brought
forward as a result of several high profile cases in which the
accused cross-examined the alleged victim for several days in the
witness box. The bill also strengthens the law dealing with the use
of evidence about a complainant’s character and sexual

In Scotland last year, 591 rapes were reported yet only 27
convictions were secured.

Source:- The Herald Thursday 22 November






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