Council wants post graduate grants

The General Social Care Council has called for
a grants system for postgraduate social work training matching that
on offer to teacher trainees and nurses.

The move follows complaints by Helen Kelsall,
22, who is studying for a two-year masters degree at Royal Holloway
College, in London, but is considering dropping out because she is
unable to receive a grant.

She is angry that, as an under 25, she is
expected to go to her parents for financial support. The only
under-25s independently assessed are those who have been married
for two or more years or who have worked for three years. Kelsall
only left university 18 months ago.

A GSCC spokesperson said: “The GSCC does
sympathise with prospective students who are in this position and
it would prefer to see a grants system for postgraduate social work
training that matches the policies and funds offered to graduate
teacher trainees or nurses.”

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