Kilshaws claim ‘600 more internet cases’

Alan and Judith Kilshaw, the couple at the
centre of the internet adoption controversy, are claiming that
another baby has been adopted in “identical circumstances”.

They claim that the new adoptive parents are
being allowed to keep the child, and that the adoption, like
theirs, went ahead after a private home study report.

“We do not want this baby sent back, but we do
want to make the point that social services should act fairly and
that each case should be treated in the same way. We are aware that
there are some 600 other cases in the UK,” said Alan Kilshaw last
week. Judith Kilshaw asked: “Why is this case being seen as
different from ours?”

A spokesperson for the council concerned in
the new case said that the well-being of the children in such cases
is the paramount concern. “Each case is unique and is dealt with
according to its own facts, which are of course confidential.”

The adoptive family has taken out an
injunction against the Kilshaws and the media preventing the
disclosure of the identity of the child.

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