Poor behavers to be targeted by executive, minister promises

Tackling the perpetrators of anti-social behaviour is a top
priority of the Scottish executive, according to minister for
social justice Iain Gray.

Addressing the ‘Taking Stock’ conference of the Chartered
Institute of Housing in Scotland, Gray said that the best way
forward is to develop measures to deal with anti-social behaviour
and introduce wider programmes aimed at re-building and supporting

He confirmed that the forthcoming Housing (Scotland) Act 2001
will introduce short term probationary tenancies for those evicted
from social rented housing in the last three years. Also, interim
anti-social behaviour orders will be introduced to have a more
immediate impact and protect victims.

Gray said: “There is no point in committing ourselves to warm
dry homes for all if people cannot live in them in peace because of
disturbance, intimidation or even violence from their

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