Contact in Adoption

Children’s Society, contact 7 Colwick Road, Nottingham, NG2 5FR; 0115 955 8811;
e-mail ; £65
plus p&p.

video features adoptive parents speaking about their experiences in managing
contact arrangements for their children. It examines some of benefits and the
challenges posed by contact, the complexities that arise over time and the
implications of both letterbox and face-to-face contact for pre- and
post-adoption services. It is aimed at social workers, adoption panel members,
children’s guardians and solicitors.

Love is Not Enough – Experiences in Transracial Adoption

Productions, Flat 2, 56 Newington Green, London, N16 9PX; 020 7359 9196; e-mail ;
£40 plus p&p.

adoption is one of the most contested issues in adoption. This video shows
interviews with three transracial adoptees, all from different racial
backgrounds with three different stories to tell. "Racism and
Identity" follows Dele, a young man of Nigerian origin describing his
teenage years in Bristol; "Intercountry Adoption" follows Sue’s
search for identity back in Hong Kong; and "Tracing Birth Parents"
follows Paul, as he traces his white mother and black father.

Early Skills Series

Resources, PO Box 447, Bradford, BD10 9YY; 01274 616126; e-mail ; £50 each plus p&p.

series of practical manuals from Speechmark focuses on early skills
development. Each manual (Early Sensory Skills, Early Listening Skills, Early
Communication Skills, Early Movement Skills, and Early Visual Skills) is aimed
at professionals, parents and carers working with pre-school children or older
special needs children. Photocopiable activities have been designed to develop
skills, abilities and knowledge.

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