A summary of social care stories from the main newspapers

By Clare Jerrom, Reg McKay and Alex Dobson.

Barrier between health and social care to

The barriers between health and social care provision must be
broken down, the government said yesterday.

Health secretary Alan Milburn said the changes needed to justify
the spending promised by Tony Blair on Wednesday would not be

He hinted at a massive shake up in the structure of social
services, which Blair said was the “big issue” for improvement.
Blair admitted that shortage of hospital beds was due to there
being no care home spaces for older people to be moved to.

Yesterday Milburn said: “There needs to be greater flexibility
between services and between staff. The Old Berlin Wall between
health and social care really must go.”

“There is another barrier that needs to go too – the barrier
between the public, the voluntary and the private sectors of care.
Where the NHS can use the private and voluntary sector to benefit
NHS patients, it should do so. Nobody says this is a panacea, but
is can make a contribution.”

Source:- The Times Friday 22 February page 4

Nine escape in asylum break out at Heathrow

Nine immigration detainees were on the run last night after
breaking out of the immigration unit near Heathrow.

After they were discovered missing, police used helicopters in a
bid to search for the asylum seekers. The men had smashed a window
and climbed out, using a make shift rope ladder.

The breakout occurred just a week after the break out at
Yarl’s wood detention centre in Bedford following a riot.
About 27 immigration detainees are on the run from the breakout,
which followed riots at the centre causing £38 million of

A home office spokesperson said the nine escapees were a mixture
of unsuccessful asylum seekers and immigration detainees.

Source:- The Times Friday 22 February page 14

English will help migrants earn more

Between 1999 and 2000, migrants contributed £2.4 billion to
the Exchequer, but would contribute a lot more if they had a
greater knowledge of English, a report said yesterday.

Fluency in English would increase their hourly wage rate by 16
to 20 per cent, according to the home office study. It estimated
migrants contributed £31.2 billion in taxes and received
£28.8 billion in benefits and services.

The report also found migrants were more likely to be self
employed due to either being more entrepreneurial or because of
finding it difficult to find jobs.

Source:- The Times Friday 22 February page 14

Paedophile vigilantes face life terms

Two self appointed “paedophile vigilantes” face life sentences
for the murder of a retired sea captain.

Ian Lawless and his unemployed godson Gary Lawson shouted abuse
as they were found guilty of setting fire to a Grimsby flat
belonging to Alf Wilkins. The 67-year-old had been cleared of
indecently assaulting a nine-year-old girl.

Two other neighbours on the Yarborough estate in Grimsby were
also convicted for their part in the murder. Wilkins died of smoke

Chantelle Day, aged 17, who drew up a murder plan will be
sentenced later for conspiracy, and Gary Fairbanks was given two
years for intimidating a witness.

Following the five-week trial at Hull crown court, Detective
Superintendent Gavin Baggs, who led the inquiry, said the case sent
“a strong message about what happens to people who chose to take
the law into their own hands”.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 22 February page 6

Free personal care for elderly backed in

Pensioners forced to sell homes to pay for basic needs

Source:- The Guardian Friday 22 February page 9

Scottish newspapers

Tenants face hefty rent rises

Scottish council house tenants face average rent rises next year
of triple inflation according to figures released by the Convention
of Scottish Local Authorities. The 4.1 per cent increase will see
the average weekly rent go up by £1.62 to £40.92.

But Cosla’s figures reflect a wide variation across the
country from a rent freeze in Midlothian to a 12.4 per cent
increase in nearby West Lothian. The biggest local authority,
Glasgow council, will increase rents by only 2.9 per cent, but will
continue to levy the highest rents in the country – £48.56 a

Source:- The Herald Friday 22 February page 2

Report on McLeish charity delayed once

The publication of a report by Fife council into the Glenrothes
based charity for older people, Third Age, is to be delayed until 8

Third Age allegedly continued to receive council grants after it
had ceased to exist, and was the infamous “sixth sub-let” at Henry
McLeish’s constituency office, which led to his resignation
as first minister. One of its paid staff was a Fife Labour
councillor and another was McLeish’s election agent. Fife
council ordered the report by Douglas Sinclair, chief executive of
the council, which was originally to be available by February.

Source:- The Herald Friday 22 February page 10

Welsh newspapers

Hospitals employ police officers to beat

Almost every major hospital in Wales has its own police officer
because of the threat of violence to staff.

Police presence, particularly in accident and emergency units is
aimed at stemming the growing trend of anti-social behaviour in
hospitals, with NHS trusts deeply concerned about physical and
verbal attacks against staff.

Across the UK each year there are around 65,000 violent
incidents against NHS staff with 64 per cent directed at nursing
staff. The welsh assembly has now circulated advice to all trusts,
but the red and yellow card system that has been launched in
England will not be used in Wales.

Source:- Western Mail Friday 22 February page 9

Residents angry as refuge is approved

A second refuge for women who have suffered domestic violence
has been given the go-ahead in Newport in South Wales, despite
objections by residents.

Planners approved the scheme which will allow Charter Housing to
convert office accommodation into a refuge for six women and their
families although they had received more than 100 objections to the

Objections to the scheme included increased traffic and the
adverse effect on property prices.

Source:- South Wales Argus Thursday 21 February page







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