Needs of people with learning difficulties from ethnic minorities not recognised

Government initiatives are failing to recognise the needs of
people with learning difficulties from ethnic minorities, according
to Robina Shah, chairperson of the North West Regional Health
Authority Task Force for Valuing People.

“We are still failing to acknowledge people from ethnic
minorities in initiatives like ‘Valuing People’ and ‘Supporting
People’,” she told a conference in London on the delivery of
services to people with learning difficulties from an ethnic

Social inclusion of people from ethnic minorities with learning
difficulties needs to be addressed. “More and more people from
ethnic minorities are likely to be in poor housing and on low
income than the white population, and less likely to access social
and health care,” said Shah.

Shah said she felt frustrated that the same recommendations came
up year after year, but the system was not there to support

“Ten years down the line I am still coming across the same
difficulties and problems. How much more do carers and users have
to tell us about what they want before something happens?” she







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