Young offenders still slopping out, inspectors find

Antiquated and inadequate sanitary arrangements have been found
at Exeter prison on a wing where young offenders are accommodated,
writes Clare Jerrom.

A recent unannounced visit by the prisons inspectorate found
slopping out was still common practice on D wing, and meals had to
be eaten in cells. Showers were only available twice a week for
young offenders.

There were also significant problems in the health care centre.
A high proportion of prisoners had a mental illness, and although
the prison coped well, many would be better placed in non-prison
service establishments, where staff would be better trained to deal
with them.

But most of the recommendations made in the previous report had
been achieved, according to Anne Owers, chief inspector of

The inspectorate found excellent relations between staff and
prisoners, and conditions for vulnerable prisoners had improved as
98 per cent were engaged in purposeful activity.

The report recommends that young offenders’ D wing be
demolished unless integral sanitation is installed. It calls for
more showers to be made available to young prisoners.

Director general of the prison service Martin Narey said: “I am
confident that many of the issues that concern the chief inspector
in her latest report are currently being addressed. An action plan
has been drawn up to improve Exeter’s health care centre, and
particularly the facilities for primary care.”





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