National Treatment Agency’s role in alcohol services still not confirmed

national Treatment Agency’s role in alcohol services is still undecided, its
chief executive told delegates at a conference.

Hayes said that the government was still debating whether or not the NTA will
take responsibility for alcohol and that a decision is likely within the next
couple of months.

NTA was established in April 2001 to improve the accessibility, effectiveness
and quality of drug treatment.

Hayes claimed that it would be better for the NTA not to have a role in alcohol
treatment rather than pretending to do something.

won’t accept an alcohol role if it’s merely a label, a sticky plaster to get
the government off the hook,” he said. “If it is attributed to the NTA then it
must have real meaning.”

said the government is committed to implementing the NHS Plan and introducing
an alcohol strategy by 2004. “It’s about how that’s done not if,” he said, but
added that it is unlikely that the government will invest as heavily in alcohol
treatment as it has done for other drugs.

Point’s chief executive Victor Adebowale said that it is “as obvious as
gravity” that the NTA should be involved in alcohol.              

is a drug and the NTA is focused on treatment so it makes sense that the NTA
should be involved. If it’s a question of resources then give them the

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