Executive challenged over domestic violence figures

The Scottish executive’s figures on domestic violence are
not accurate according to the Advertising Standards Authority

The statistics in dispute were used in a national advertising
campaign launched in December 2000, which stated that one in five
women “live with the constant fear of abuse”. The advert also
emphasised that domestic abuse crossed social classes, ages and

The ASA was asked to investigate the one in five claim. The
Scottish executive’s figures are based on the Scottish crime
survey which sampled 5,000 households. Of female respondents aged
between 16 and 59 who were with a partner, one in five claimed they
had experienced threats of force at some point in their lives.

The ASA decided that this was insufficient to justify the claim
of the same proportion living in constant fear of abuse, and have
asked the executive to change the claim in any future

A Scottish executive spokesperson said it was still believed the
figures were closer to the reality of domestic abuse suffered by

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