In and Out of Anorexia

By Tammie Ronen and Ayelet
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN 1 85302 990

book about the process of recovery is written by a client, Ayelet, and her
therapist, Tammie Ronen. Ayelet graphically describes her descent from social
dieting to starvation, depression and suicide attempts. She took medication,
saw 10 therapists and had five traumatic hospitalisations. Like many anorexics,
she was perfectionist, secretive and afraid. Interventions by parents and
professionals made things worse. So how did Ronen succeed where so many experts
had failed?

describes the cognitive-constructivist treatment programme she designed with
Ayelet’s co-operation. She views anorexia as "a holistic disorder that
includes whole areas of life. It relates to personal components (self-acceptance,
self-image, thinking styles); family relationships and family attitudes towards
life in general and toward the client in particular; social relationships and
peer acceptance." Over four years, she saw Ayelet as an individual, and,
with her family, focused on each component in turn, setting achievable goals.

appreciates the way Ronen focused on her strengths and abilities rather than on
the eating problem. She was the first therapist who understood her beliefs
including the art and poems that illustrate this book. Ayelet is now a wife,
mother and teacher. It is an inspiring story.

Tugendhat is a psychotherapist and writer.

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