Ad campaign doubles calls to NSPCC

Calls to the NSPCC’s child protection helpline have
doubled to more than 500 a day since the launch of the second phase
of its Full Stop campaign.

Over 5,000 calls were received by the helpline in the first two
weeks of the campaign, which was launched on March 1. Calls from
children have risen by 10 per cent and those from adults by 15 per

The subjects of the calls have ranged from family relationships
and children’s behaviour, to neglect and physical abuse, and
requests for information, advice or counselling.

One quarter of the calls were so serious that they are being
investigated by the police or social services, and there has been a
40 per cent increase in the number of calls where advice is sought
but there is no referral.

NSPCC chief executive Mary Marsh said: “The doubling of calls to
the helpline and especially the increase in calls from children and
the general public, shows this message is getting through and that
the public is fully behind us in wanting to take action to bring an
end to child abuse.”




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