You’ve got to hand it to the designers of the
Royal College of Nursing’s website – they don’t just palm us off
with any old image, writes Graham Hopkins. It has hands everywhere.
And it needs them even more than Max Bygraves in order to carry the
waiting rooms of information, guidance and support that it has,
well, to hand. You would need to work your fingers to the bone to
access everything. It was pleasing to read a positive RCN response
to the recommendations of the Bristol Royal Infirmary Inquiry,
which reported in July 2001. That the inquiry sat for 37 months
shows that the health service still likes to keep us waiting – no
wonder they label each of us “patient”. The site prescribes news,
campaigns (complete with resource packs), professional issues,
learning and evidence-based practice, support for nurses and
information for nursing students. Impressively, it is moving
towards providing full-text journals to keep nurses up to date with
their practice and knowledge.


The Registered Nursing Home Association opened
its doors for business in 1968. The latest news (intriguingly
labelled “What’s News”) is listed in reverse order – that is, the
oldest news is at the top of the list and you have to scroll down
to read the newest items. It’s a bit like having your foyer on the
second floor. No matter. You might expect, however, that the
“ultimate bulletin board” – given the recent Care Standards Act
2000 and crisis over the nursing home sector – would have had more
hits than Sir Cliff Richard. Alas, in England in the past year only
two subjects have been posted. And only one responded to.
Ultimately uninspiring.

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