Welsh inquiry to pay legal costs

of alleged child abuse giving evidence at the first public inquiry
by Peter Clarke, the children’s commissioner for Wales, will have
their legal representation paid for to a limit of £10,000 for

eight claimants who are due to give evidence at the Clywch Inquiry
into the activities of alleged paedophile John Owen had refused to
take part unless they were given funding for independent legal
representation (News, page 12, 28 March).

Solicitor Lynda Roberts, representing the alleged victims, said:
“We are pleased that the commissioner has offered to pay, but it is
disappointing that the amount has been limited. We appreciate that
this is the first inquiry of its kind in the UK but there are
precedents from other similar public inquiries such as the Victoria
Climbié Inquiry.”

said that participation in inquiries must be as easy as possible
for witnesses, but that he was aware that funds came from the
public purse, which was limited.

alleged abuse was said to have taken place at a school in South
Wales where Owen taught as a drama teacher. Owen was found dead
last year after committing suicide the day before he was due to
stand trial on criminal charges relating to the alleged abuse.

– For
more on the inquiry go to www.community-care.co.uk
and search using the words “Clywch Inquiry”.

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