Juveniles and Children who Sexually Abuse

By Martin Calder with Helga Hanks, Kevin Epps,
Bobbie Print, Tony Morrison and Julie Henniker.
Russell House Publishing
ISBN 1 898924 95 3

This is a new, enlarged edition of a
comprehensive sourcebook that brings together the research
literature and practical tools for assessment and intervention with
children and young people who sexually abuse. It reflects the
growing expertise of specialist practitioners in assessing risk,
promoting behavioural change, preventing relapse and managing the
complex reactions of family and professional systems. The
contributions are well researched, clearly presented and
user-friendly. As a guide for both specialists and non-specialists,
the book is a model of the integration of theory and practice. It
emphasises evidence-based outcomes and offers practical guidance
tailored to the UK setting and sensitive to issues of race, class,
culture, physical ability and gender.

After examining the literature, the nature of
childhood sexuality, assessment frameworks, outcomes and
inter-agency work, there is a resource section with a selection of
assessment and other tools. Area child protection committees and
their constituent agencies should ensure the book is available as a
guide to the development of services and as a reminder of one of
the potential consequences when child protection fails.

Sue Richardson is a psychotherapist,
trainer and co-author of Creative Responses to Child Sexual
(Jessica Kingsley, 2001)



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