Medical reports prevent disabled people claiming benefits

Thousands of people with disabilities are being denied benefits
because of inaccurate medical reports it has been claimed,
writes Clare Jerrom.

A new report from national disability charity DIAL UK claimed
people are missing out on benefits for several reasons, including
discrimination against those from ethnic minority groups, and with
mental health problems as well as a lack of responsiveness in the
complaints system.

DIAL UK director Andy Short said: “Disabled people are entitled
to a fair and effective assessment of their entitlement to
disability benefits. The failures of the present system of medical
examinations mean that many disabled people are facing a further
slip into poverty through loss of income.”

The report claims inadequate or inaccurate reports lead to wrong
benefit decisions, causing financial hardship, and often a lengthy,
stressful and costly appeals process.

Medical reports have been contracted out to the private sector
company the SEMA Group since 1998. But the social security select
committee said in April 2000 there had not been any improvements in
the quality of reports or examinations since then.

‘A Bitter Pill: Medical Services failing Disabled
People’ is available from 01302 310123 or email:






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