This commercial website is a magazine-style
site, which e-mails a digest of contents to registered users every
month, writes Simon Heng. It covers a wide range of disabilities
for news and comment, and advertises and reviews a wide range of
disability-related products, from aids to travel. Well-polished and
friendly to use, but heavy on graphics and not particularly easy to
use for people with visual impairments. Discount offers for a wide
range of products on other websites look very promising.


This site is devoted to dating for disabled
people. A commercial site, it claims to be a world-wide message
board, chat room and lonely heart facility for disabled people. The
assumption is that disabled people may only want to talk to other
disabled people, and that, implicitly, our only chance of romance
will be with somebody else with a disability. The layout is cheesy:
the premise is highly insulting.


This is an online digest of the printed
magazine. The editions viewed seemed to concentrate heavily, if not
exclusively, on physical disability. The potentially useful series
on the accessibility of various UK cities concentrated exclusively
on wheelchair access and were too generalised to be immediately
useful. The benefits news section is useful.


This site caters for all forms of disability.
Clearly laid out, with heavy use of graphics, but easy to access.
Has a number of “forums”, where people can exchange news, views and
chat. Useful links to other commercial sites, often with discounts
for disabled people. Editorial content is good, as is up-to-date
information on benefits and news. Sends regular e-mails advertising
new and editorial content to registered users.

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