Good Practice with Vulnerable Adults

Good Practice with Vulnerable Adults

Edited by Jacki Pritchard, Jessica Kingsley Publishing,
£16.95, ISBN 1 85302 982 3

This book will be a very useful resource for practitioners,
managers and inspectors of social care services. It explores from a
number of perspectives the way that policy and practice come
together, and the dilemmas that arise for practitioners working
within the new adult protection frameworks. It is accessible but
thorough, and throughout there are interesting and useful case
studies to bring the text to life.

The book begins with a succinct overview, by Adrian Hughes, of
the government guidance No Secrets. Hughes also contributes a later
chapter on the role of inspectors. Mike Linnett describes the
development of the vulnerable adults’ unit and infrastructure in
Gloucestershire, and Steve Kirkpatrick offers a detailed chapter on
the need for, and principles of, sound joint interviewing. Two
chapters discuss the role of GPs in the UK and Australia. Domestic
violence is covered by Marilyn Mornington and Ruth Ingram, who both
explore the overlaps with adult protection.

A chapter written as a dialogue between Jacki Pritchard and
Janice Griffin raises a wide range of practice issues in a lively
format. Jane Lawson writes on advocacy, which is helpful and
orientates the reader towards solutions as well as

Hilary Brown is professor of social care, Salomons,
Canterbury Christ Church University

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