Funeral Payment

Who is it for?
The person responsible for funeral costs (normally the deceased’s immediate family). It is based on the person responsible (not the deceased) being on IS, PC, JSA income-based, HB or Council Tax Benefit. Also payable if responsible person gets WTC which includes disability element or CTC if paid at higher rate than family element. 

Who pays it?
Local Job Centre Plus office, as part of ‘Regulated Social Fund’.

Which leaflet? And how is it claimed?
SB16. On Social Fund form SF200 from Job Centre Plus office or by phone to regional contact centre

What are the age limits?

National Insurance based?

Means tested?
Claimant must be on relevant means-tested benefit.

How long does it last?
Single lump sum payment. Must be claimed within three months of the funeral.

What is effect on other benefits?
None. It should not be confused with the bereavement grant  – some claimants may get both.

Is it taxable?

Increases for dependants?

Payable if in EU or other?

Points to watch
Takes account of estate of deceased before meeting costs of simple funeral inside UK. There may be some dispute with Job Centre over who is the person responsible for the cost of funeral.

You can view details of benefit amounts on the Community Care Inform website

The A-Z of Benefits 2009 was compiled by Gary Vaux and Community Care Inform


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