Severe Disablement Allowance

Who is it for?
People without enough NI contributions to get Incapacity Benefit. Abolished for new claimants on April 9th 2001.

Who pays it?
Job Centre Plus.

Which leaflet? And how is it claimed?
No new claims accepted.

What are the age limits?
16 or over and up to pension age

National Insurance based?

Means tested?

How long does it last?
For as long as incapacity for work lasts. Complex linking rules if person comes off SDA  e.g. to work, then needs to reclaim.

What is effect on other benefits?
Taken fully into account as income by all means tested benefits.

Is it taxable?

Increases for dependants?

Payable if in EU or other?
Yes in some circumstances – but check details with Overseas Benefits Directorate.

Points to watch
Usually lower than IS rate, so ‘top-up’ claims often required. People getting SDA at 9/4/01 will keep it, except for some younger claimants who  transferred to IBY in April 2002.

You can view details of benefit amounts on the Community Care Inform website

The A-Z of Benefits 2009 was compiled by Gary Vaux and Community Care Inform


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