Experience Corps

This is one of the least known of all the new agencies. It was launched as an independent company in November 2001. It was an England-wide scheme to encourage older people to volunteer but it particularly targets the 50-65 year old age group. It was backed by government funding of £20 million over three years. However, in March 2004 it developed into a “brokering agency” to act as an intermediary between people and the private and public sectors developing a range of services. It now aims to inform public policy and delivery programmes and offer creative solutions for companies needing to improve their competitive edge. It does this by marketing testing and research, making use of an extensive database of 230,000 members over the age of 50.

Chief executive: Maggie Semple
Chair: Baroness Greengross
Address: 4 Goodwins Court, London WC2N 4LL
Telephone: 0207 836 6001
Website: www.experiencecorps.co.uk

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