Charities fear euro will reduce revenue

Voluntary organisations could see a fall in revenue if the euro is
introduced in the UK, the Wales Council for Voluntary Action has

UK charities would be affected because the value of the euro coin
(about 62p) would be less than the £1 coin.

But because the two coins are about the same size, people could
assume that giving one euro is the same as giving £1, warned a
WCVA briefing paper.

“Until people get used to the value [of the euro], organisations,
particularly those who benefit from public donations, such as
street or doorstep collections, could face a reduction in their
incomes,” said the paper.

There is also concern that voluntary organisations would lose out
on income generated by the National Lottery if tickets are priced
at one euro.

Although the government could legislate to prevent shops using the
introduction of the euro to raise prices, it could not order people
to make the same level of charitable donations.

Introduction of the euro would also increase the workload of the
voluntary sector as it would be called upon to help explain the new
currency, particularly to people with learning difficulties and
those with visual impairments.

– For a copy of the briefing paper call the WCVA on 0870 607 1666
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