Wednesday 11 September 2002

By David Callaghan, Nicola Barry and Alex Dobson.

Climbie inquiry rigging claim

A Haringey councillor has claimed the authority’s officers tried
to rig a government investigation into the state of its social

Ron Aitken, who is the Liberal Democrat spokesperson on social
services, said “there was a blatant attempt to deceive the
inspectors and fiddle the results of the investigation”.

He was reacting to a move by the council to offer parents help
with completing department of health questionnaires.

The DoH sent confidential questionnaires to a random sample of
parents who had contact with Haringey social services since the
death of Victoria Climbie.

Aitken said parents felt pressured by the letter and unable to
criticise the council.

A council spokesperson said officers were only trying to help
parents who had difficulty understanding the questions.

Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 11 September page 7

Caretaker faces third charge in Soham case

Ian Huntley, who has been charged with murdering Holly Wells and
Jessica Chapman, appeared in court yesterday, and was also charged
with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

An angry mob greeted the van taking Huntley into Peterborough
magistrates court, after being he had been transported from Rampton
security hospital.

He hardly spoken during the court proceedings and appeared
oblivious to his surroundings.

Huntley, who has been held under the Mental Health Act, will
reappear in court before 8 October. He is to undergo further
psychiatric tests.

Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 11 September page 7

Guardian Society

Mixed fortunes

Disabled people were paraded in front of circus crowds, but many
were self sufficient and heroic.

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 September page

Barrier breaker

A helping hand for the charity sector

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 September page

Streets ahead

Pioneering support scheme for inner-London residents

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 September page

Freedom fight

Mental health workers on the march

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 September page

Equal under the law

Tenancy rights reform proposed for same-sex couples

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 September page

Focus on success

Revitalised Leeds hospice wins top award

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 September page

A lost war

David Blunkett has said more addicts should have legal access to

Source:- Guardian
Society Wednesday 11
September page 6

Stigma ties

Can changes in public policy have an impact on reducing suicides
in Britain.

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 September page

Talking pictures

New symbols to help children with disabilities communicate

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 11 September page

Scottish newspapers

Murder trial told of fears for baby

The grandmother of a baby who was allegedly murdered after a
catalogue of cruelty, called social workers because of her concern,
a court has been told.

Elizabeth Berry was giving evidence at the trial of Alexander
McLure and Andrea Bone, the child’s mother. They are accused
of murdering the baby, Carla-Nicole McLure.

Source:- The Herald September 11 page 8

Welsh newspapers

AMs urged to fight mental health bill

Campaigners from mental health groups in Wales are to urge Welsh
assembly members to oppose a “draconian” government bill.

For the first time assembly members will be called back from
summer recess to take part in a debate on the draft mental health
bill that has generated widespread criticism from mental health
groups and professionals.

An alliance including Mind Cymru and the Manic Depression
Fellowship Wales will lobby the assembly prior to the debate.

Mind Cymru director Cathie Shooter said that this was the first
time that the assembly had considered an issue important enough to
bring AMs back from recess.

“There is widespread feeling among mental health service users,
voluntary groups and AMs alike that government proposals are in
direct contravention to devolved Welsh policy.

Source:- South Wales Argus Tuesday 10 September page

Film ‘ignited memories of sex

A man who claims that his foster carer sexually abused him, went
to the police after he had watched a film, which brought back
memories of his own alleged abuse.

Mold crown court in north Wales heard that the complainant had
seen a film called ‘The Gift’ in which a victim of abuse finally
took action against his abuser.

The man claimed he suffered 13 years of abuse by Ronald Laurence
Jones, of Lodge Vale Park, Chirk, and that the abuse continued even
after he had left foster care to set up home on his own.

Jones denies two charges of gross indecency on one boy, and 11
indecent assaults and three charges of gross indecency with a
child. The charges stem from allegations made by four of the
children he and his wife fostered over the past 30 years.

Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 11 September page 5

Care home manager faces jail

The manager of a home for older people was facing jail yesterday
after an assault on a cancer victim in a road rage incident.

Myles Bryant lost his temper when pensioner Julio Diez cut him
up in traffic, Newport crown court was told.

Diez and his wife Brenda had just left hospital following a
cancer check-up. The court heard that Bryant grabbed Diez by the
throat and repeatedly punched him in the face, and that he also
caused considerable damage to the couple’s car.

Bryant, who runs the St John’s residential Home in
Newport, was found guilty of causing actual bodily harm and
criminal damage. Judge John Powell QC said that the court took a
very serious view of assault in these circumstances, and that a
custodial sentence was likely.

Bryant who has six previous convictions, including assaulting a
police officer, will be sentenced later this month.

Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 11 September page 7

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