Care home dispute in Scotland settled

A long-running dispute between private care homes and local
authorities has finally been settled, writes Nicola

Following over a year of negotiations, the Scottish executive
has stepped in with an offer of £61 million to increase the
fees care home operators receive from local authorities.

A spokesperson for the Convention of Scottish Local
Authroties said: “We welcome the £61 million put on the table
by the executive. It is the second part of a deal we have agreed
with Scottish Care.”

Scottish Care, the umbrella organisation, which represents care
home owners north of the border previously issued an ultimatum
advising members to refuse to take local authority-funded residents
unless the council came up with an average of £50 extra per
resident a week.

Relations between care providers and councils have deteriorated
in many parts of the country as a result of rows over funding.

Earlier this year the executive announced plans to phase in the
funding for care home fees over two years. In March, £27
million was offered as the first part of the package, with £24
million from the executive and £3 million from COSLA.

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