Welcome to the Scotland focus

Scotland has experienced many changes since the Scottish parliament
held its first sitting on 12 May 1999. And the change continues
apace – especially in the field of social care.

The draft mental health bill, a review of the child protection
system and a new child protection bill, specialist children’s
hearings and youth courts, free personal care, drugs courts, the
creation of a children’s commissioner, and action on recruitment
and retention are just a few of the issues exercising the Scottish
executive and those involved in delivering social care to the
citizens of Scotland.

It is a land of contrasts providing different challenges for
professionals depending on whether they are based in busy, diverse
cities or sparsely populated rural areas.

In Community Care‘s special Scottish Focus we examine some
of these issues in greater depth.

Things are moving fast in Scotland, and the diverse and exciting
work in the statutory sector is mirrored by a vibrant voluntary
sector that works effectively in partnership across all sectors of
the profession. All in all, there’s a lot to celebrate.

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