Finding work is top priority for most

Having a job was the number one aspiration for a group of 444
people with learning difficulties surveyed in the state of
Victoria, a session on self-determination was told.

Mirella Danelutti, of Disability Services Victoria, said 44 per
cent put work at the top of their wish list, with some wanting to
find a job, others wanting to find a better job and some hoping to
move from voluntary to paid work.

Recreation and hobbies was the second most important aspiration (37
per cent) with travel and health both mentioned by 32 per cent.

The least important goals were material possessions (5 per cent)
and equipment such as wheelchairs or scooters (3 per cent).

Almost a quarter put independence near the top of their list. One
participant told researchers: “I’d like to be able to live
independently and share a flat with someone.”

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