Needs of disabled people neglected in criminal justice system

The criminal justice system largely overlooks the needs and
concerns of disabled people, according to rehabilitation agency
Nacro, writes Clare Jerrom.

The organisation points to a lack of crime prevention
information specifically targeted at disabled people in a new
report. There is often inadequate access to police stations for
people with mobility problems, it adds.

Co-author Susannah Drury from Nacro’s crime and social
policy unit said: “Crime and fear of crime has a huge negative
impact on the way disabled people live their lives. Why, when
disabled people are so disproportionately victimised by crime, are
they so rarely consulted, supported or advised by crime prevention
and criminal justice agencies?”

The report points to research which claims disabled people are
four times more likely to be violently assaulted than non-disabled
people. They are also four times more likely to be victims of
sexual abuse, and almost twice as likely to have their homes

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