Tuesday 29 October 2002

Poor may lose free doorstep pints

Pregnant women and the poorest mothers of under fives are to
lose their free doorstep pints of milk under department of health
proposals announced yesterday.

Instead they will be provided with a voucher entitling them to
free milk, fresh fruit, vegetables or cereals in a bid to encourage
them to follow a healthier diet.

But critics fear there is a potential for a black market to
develop in the exchange of vouchers for cigarettes or cash.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 29 October page 2

Girl resembling Danielle ‘fought with man in

A girl who matches the description of murdered teenager,
Danielle Jones, was seen fighting with a man who resembled her
uncle on the morning she disappeared, a court was told.

The girl screamed at the man to leave her alone and called him a
pervert, Chelmsford crown court heard.

Christine Barry, who lives a few streets from Danielle’s
family in East Tilbury, Essex, said she watched the pair arguing
from her bedroom window.

She said she did not intervene because she was not dressed, but
said she thought the girl, who she believed was wearing the school
uniform of Danielle’s school, was at risk.

Danielle’s uncle, Stuart Campbell, denies abducting and
murdering his niece on her way to school in June last year.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 29 October page 3

Churches tell parents to spare the rod

Churches launched a new positive parenting guide yesterday in
support of the campaign to ban smacking.

One of the contributors to Growing up without Violence, Dr
Penelope Leach, said: “Children start out assuming their
parents are perfect and learn what’s right and wrong more
from their example. So don’t smack unless you want your child
to learn that hitting solves problems. Try talking

The Churches Network for Non-violence launched the guide at a
parenting conference in Leicester yesterday, supported by
children’s charity the NSPCC.

This month the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child urged the
government to drop the Victorian defence of “reasonable
chastisement” to excuse smacking a child.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 29 October page 4

Clubs for rising number of ‘home

Half of parents of teenagers admit they do not always know what
their children are doing and where they are, according to

Changing lifestyles involving longer working hours and more
families where both partners work have not been reflected in the
provision of activities for older children after school or during
school holidays, the study for the campaign group Kids’ Club
Network finds.

One in three 11 to 18 year olds go home to an empty house,
according to the study, increasing the likelihood of them getting
into trouble.

The Mori research is published today at the launch of a
£2.5m Kids’ Club Network campaign to create a network of
clubs for children between 11 and 16.

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 29 October page 7

Race crime centres on Oldham

Racially motivated crimes have increased by more than a quarter
in Oldham, which has witnessed the worst street riots for more than
a decade.

Greater Manchester police said the impact of the Oldham riots
was reflected in its statistics, with 1,133 more incidents of
racist crime than in the previous year.

Almost a third of racist crime recorded in a 12-month period in
Greater Manchester occurred in and around Oldham.

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 29 October page 7

Sex assault teacher jailed

A maths teacher was jailed for five years at Doncaster crown
court yesterday for indecently assaulting two girls aged 12 and 14
who served as monitors at the tuck shop he managed.

Brian Roberts, 62, of Swinton, near Rotherham, carried out the
offences at a comprehensive school in south Yorkshire.

He was placed on the sex offenders’ register for the rest
of his life.

Judge Linda Sutcliffe told him his actions had been made worse
because he was a gifted teacher regarded with affection by the

Source:- Daily Telegraph Tuesday 29 October page 6

Immigrants who seek British citizenship will have to
take lessons in tolerance

Immigrants who want to become British citizens will have to take
courses in modern family life and be taught about tolerance of
different ethnic groups, unmarried couples and homosexuals.

The Home Secretary has appointed a team of experts to devise a
“Britishness” course and they have decided it should
explain how Britain has changed since the 1950s and portray the UK
as a multicultural, democratic and tolerant society.

All immigrants will be presented with a booklet translated into
several languages about “How to live in the UK”.

A Whitehall source said: “They will be given a snapshot of
British society including different ethnic and religious

The citizenship panel will publish its preliminary conclusions
in January and produce a final report at Easter.

Source:- Independent Tuesday 29 October page 1

Scottish News

Chhokar father tells race trial he collapsed on

The father of murdered Asian waiter Surjit Singh Chhokar spoke
yesterday of the night police arrived at his house to tell him his
son had been killed.

Source:- The Herald October 29 page 10

True level of joblessness is three times official

Real unemployment in Scotland is running at 360,000, or 13 per
cent, compared with the official rate of just 115,000, according to
a report released today.

Source:- The Herald October 29 page 10

Scot says nationality cost her promotion

A carer was refused promotion at work because she was Scottish,
an employment tribunal in South London heard yesterday.

Donna Ahmed, originally from Dundee, is claiming race
discrimination against her former employer, Care UK Community

Source:- The Herald October 29 page 2

Asylum seeker yobs get 7 years

Four thugs who brutally assaulted two asylum seekers have been
jailed for a total of seven years.

Lebanese brothers Haitham and Ayaad Saada were hospitalised for
11 days after the vicious attacks in Sighthill, Glasgow, which
shocked the whole of Scotland.

Source:- Daily Record October 29 page 19

StreetSmart appeal begins

Scotland’s restaurants were urged to show their compassion
yesterday when a charity that supports the homeless through
restaurant dining launched its annual campaign.

Source:-The Scotsman October 29 page 8

Welsh newspapers

Asylum centre ‘secrecy’ fury

The first asylum seekers are due to arrive at Langstone
immigration hearing centre near Newport in south Wales in five
weeks time.

Local residents are surprised and angered at the move which they
say does not take account of their views and which is seen by many
who oppose the plans as “secret and underhand”.

The centre is intended for asylum seekers who are having their
cases heard and around 32 hearings are expected to take place each
day at the £3m centre.

Residents have pledged to fight on in their opposition to the

Source:- South Wales Argus Monday 28 October page 6

Campaign to ease the transition for youngsters leaving

Young adults leaving care can face social exclusion and job
discrimination despite new legislation designed to ease the
transition, claims a children’s welfare watchdog.

On the first anniversary of the Children (Leaving Care) Act, the
Welsh based charity the Bryn Melyn Group Foundation, has launched a
major initiative to raise awareness about the problems facing care

The campaign, From Care to Where?, has the backing of Welsh
Assembly health and social services minister, Jane Hutt.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 29 October page 3

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