Scottish campaign is not enough

A campaign in Scotland to tackle social work’s poor public image
would only go part way to solving the woes of the sector, according
to the British Association of Social Workers.

Scottish spokesperson Ruth Stark said potential recruits were
discouraged from applying to join the profession by the lack of an
attractive career structure, the enormous workloads, and the lack
of financial recognition for the demanding work they would be
expected to carry out.

The campaign, which bears the slogan “Care in Scotland –
life-changing work”, sets out to address the issues of staff
recruitment and retention as well as improving the way social work
is seen by both the public and the media. It will run for four
weeks then recommence in January for a further four weeks.

But Stark described it as a missed opportunity.

“Of course, BASW welcomes an awareness raising campaign, but there
needs to be a real investment as well as publicity,” she said.

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