Young people Charity critical of homeless definition

Councils, the government and homelessness agencies have to be
clearer about what they mean by homelessness prevention if they are
to tackle the problem among young people, says a new report.

The study by youth homelessness prevention charity Safe in the City
is based on research in eight London boroughs. The report says: “It
is essential that homelessness agencies, government and local
authorities develop more clarity about what prevention is, how
different forms of it interrelate and how to develop local

The charity also urges a dual approach to preventing homelessness
by helping individuals overcome social exclusion and vulnerability
to homelessness and improving access to affordable housing.

Safe in the City director Nicola Bacon said: “Our research and
experience shows that to prevent youth homelessness you need to
start early, join up services, involve the family, and listen to

 Safe in the City: A Practical Approach to Preventing Youth
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