Wednesday 6 November 2002

By Clare Jerrom, Nicola Barry and Alex

Peers back adoption by unmarried couples

Peers cleared the way last night for unmarried couples to become
eligible to adopt children.

A high turnout by Labour peers ensured that MPs who had twice
voted to make the amendments to the Adoption and Children Bill had
their way.

Health minister Lord Hunt of Kings Heath defended the decision
of the House of Commons to allow unmarried, including same sex
couples, to adopt children as “right and necessary” saying that it
would improve immeasurably the life chances of hundreds of

Source:- The Times Wednesday 6 November page 7

Minister’s deaf partner to chair Audit

One of the highest posts in Britain to be taken by a deaf man
was announced yesterday as James Strachan was appointed as
chairperson of the Audit Commission.

Strachan has been chief executive of the Royal National
Institute for Deaf People for the past five years, which has earned
him a reputation as an effective lobbyist for disability.

He is the partner of arts minister Baroness Blackstone, which
has resulted in some claims that the appointment lacks

Source:- The Times Wednesday 6 November page 12

42 Labour MPs rebel on asylum schooling

Forty two Labour MPs voted last night for the children of asylum
seekers to be educated in mainstream schools rather than in
accommodation centres.

The government nevertheless overturned the decision by peers who
had insisted that young people should be sent to state school if
places were available.

The measure was passed by 263 votes to 96, the first of a string
of House of Commons votes last night on the bill, all designed to
overturn the Lords amendments.

Peers will have to decide today whether to stick to their guns
when the bill returns to the Lords.

Meanwhile David Blunkett announced he had dropped the plan to
build a large accommodation centre for asylum seekers on a former
RAF site at Worcestershire.

Immigration minister Beverley Hughes confirmed that Blunkett had
redrawn his pilot scheme for asylum accommodation centres, and is
now looking to open at least one smaller centre to house around 400
single male asylum seekers.

Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 6 November page 11

Turning the clock back

New chair of learning disabilities attacks mental health

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 6 November page

Inner strength

Dynamic businesses boost employment in deprived areas

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 6 November page

Spot check

The powers of port health control units may be strengthened to
help find carriers of infectious diseases, increasingly brought to
the UK by visitors and refugees.

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 6 November page

A point to life

An outreach scheme that tackles mental health problems and
social exclusion at the same time

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 6 November page

Open to change

Novel ways of reaching out to young men in Dorset have helped to
reverse suicide rates

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 6 November page

Independence days

London borough ‘at odds’ with guidelines on
disability care

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 6 November page

Earning without risk

Call for health and safety code to protect ‘working’

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 6 November page

Scottish newspapers

2,000 Scots children at risk from parents

More than 2,000 children are in danger from physical, sexual or
emotional abuse – and most are at risk from their

Research has revealed that 7,200 children were referred to local
authorities for child protection inquiries last year. Three
quarters had been abused by one or both of their natural

Source:- Daily Express Wednesday 6 November page 17

Executive obstructs school sex pack ban

Controversial sex education booklets will not be withdrawn from
classrooms for two years.

Despite protests from thousands of parents about explicit advice
on sex to children between five and 14, the Scottish executive will
not withdraw the booklet before 2004.

Source:- Daily Mail Wednesday 6 November page 20

Lottery winner’s victim demands

A lottery winner’s criminal past caught up with him
yesterday when one of his victims demanded compensation.

The request came from a coach firm after an incident in which
Michael Carroll threw a stone at a coach carrying 15 children.

Source:- Daily Mail  Wednesday 6 November page 34

Welsh newspapers

‘Cruel and violent’ ex-police inspector
jailed for child attacks and sex assaults

A former senior police chief was jailed yesterday for a string
of physical and sexual assaults against children.

Retired inspector, Clive Jones, was sentenced to
two-and-a-half-years at Cardiff crown court and has been ordered to
register as a sex offender for 10 years.

Jones admitted to 12 charges of child cruelty, three of common
assault and three of indecent assault.

Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 6 November page 7

Needy denied housing rights ‘for petty

People in need are being denied their housing rights for “petty
and questionable” reasons according to housing charity Shelter

The charity has warned that despite changes in the law that
allows more groups of people to claim help with housing, many are
being denied their rights.

Shelter Cymru director John Puzey said that it was unfortunate
that many people were being denied access to housing, and that some
local authorities in Wales had not made enough effort to raise
public awareness.

Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 6 November page 7

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