Thursday 7 November 2002

By Clare Jerrom, Nicola Barry and Alex

Nanny tax break for middle class

Tax breaks worth up to £140 a week will enable parents to
help to pay for their nanny from next April.

The move follows years of campaigning by childcare organisations
which argue requiring parents to pay nannies out of taxed income
effectively taxes them twice since they must subsequently pay
income tax on the nanny’s behalf.

The department for education confirmed yesterday that plans to
give up to £140 in tax credits to certain parents employing a
registered child carer would be extended to all working parents
earning up to £50,000 a year.

Source:- The Times Thursday 7 November page 1

Plans for rural asylum centres defeated by

David Blunkett’s asylum bill suffered a late defeat in the
Lords last night after opposition peers challenged his powers to
build new accommodation centres in rural areas.

A Conservative amendment, backed by the Liberal Democrats,
saying that the location of accommodation centres should meet the
needs of asylum seekers held in them was carried by 173 votes to
120, a majority of 53.

A home office source said the change was unworkable and the home
secretary would ask MPs to overturn it by bringing the bill back to
the Commons today.

Source:- The Times Thursday 7 November page 14

Study finds no autism link to MMR

There is no link between the triple measles, mumps and rubella
vaccine and the onset of autism, according to a study published in
the New England Journal of Medicine today.

The authors Kreesten Meldgaard Madsen from the Danish
Epidemiology Science Centre in Aarhus and colleagues conclude that
“this study provides strong evidence against the hypothesis that
MMR vaccination causes autism”.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 7 November page 7

Childcare role for schools outlined

A new plan to help parents with childcare will include teachers
being encouraged to look after pupils before and after the school
bell rings, according to a new report from the prime
minister’s strategy unit.

Other elements in the plan, published yesterday, include soft
loans for profit making nurseries and more moral pressure on
employers to help staff cope.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 7 November page 14

No asylum seekers, say family doctor

Medical authorities are angry after a GP posted a notice on his
surgery window telling asylum seekers to stay away because they are
a drain on his resources.

Dr Vijayaker Abrol said that he would be happy to take on extra
local patients, but refugees cost too much time and money to the
detriment of his other patients.

The British Medical Association has accused the doctor of
prejudice and said it wanted nothing to do with the scheme.

Source:- Daily Telegraph Thursday 7 November page

Scottish newspapers

Victims angry as Chisholm stalls on hepatitis

Campaigners last night accused Malcolm Chisholm, the health
minister, of again betraying the 500-plus people who contracted
potentially fatal hepatitis C through contaminated NHS blood

Source:- The Herald Thursday 7 November page 11

Lotto yob freed to spend his millions

The teenage criminal who won £9.7 million on the lottery
has had his tag removed, allowing him to celebrate his fortune.

Michael Carroll’s lawyer argued that media interest had
left him unable to go about his normal business.

News of his release has infuriated his victims.

Source:- Daily Express Thursday 7 November page 1and

Welsh newspapers

Miners Hit By Another Delay

Welsh miners seeking damages for debilitating lung diseases are
facing yet another delay.

Around 15,000 claimants for chest diseases in Wales are still
waiting for their medical assessments to take place, but only 30 to
40 have appointments booked before Christmas.

There have been a number of delays for ex-miners seeking
compensation, and successive energy ministers have vowed to try to
speed up the process.

Source:- South Wales Argus Wednesday 6 November page 1
and 7

Round-the-world couple are reunited with their stolen

An Australian couple whose motorbike was stolen on the last leg
of a round-the-world charity trip, have thanked the people of Wales
for their help in recovering the vehicle.

The couple were coming to the end of their marathon trip to
raise money for multiple sclerosis when their bike was stolen at a
motorway service station in south Wales.

The bike was found in Cardiff, and the couple have now been able
to complete their journey.

Source:- Western Mail Thursday 7 November page 6

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