Caring for a Child with Autism: a Practical Guide for Parents

By  Martine Ives and Nell Munro.
Jessica Kingsley Publishing
ISBN 1 85302 996 3

This handbook is a practical guide for the parents of children
with autistic spectrum disorders. The authors, who have worked on
the National Autistic Society helpline for many years, are clearly
familiar with the concerns of parents.

The first half of the book provides background information on
autism, including chapters on its causes, the history of autistic
spectrum disorders, an overview of diagnosis, the impact of the
condition on siblings and on finding sources of help.

In the second half the authors provide guidance on how to choose a
suitable school, educational assessment, management of social
problems and responding to autistic behaviour. The final chapter
critically evaluates the range of therapies. Suggestions about
useful contacts are interspersed throughout the text.

The book ends with an excellent list of up-to-date

There is much controversy about the diagnosis and treatment of
autistic children so social workers will find this handbook an
excellent source of well-balanced information and opinion.

The handbook is published with the approval of the National
Autistic Society and will no doubt become the standard reference
manual for parents.

Oliver Russell is a consultant psychiatrist.

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