Government introduces new measures to help runaways

A new package of measures to help young runaways was unveiled in
a report by the government’s social exclusion unit,
writes Amy Taylor.

The report announces plans to help solve runaways’ problems
before they reach crisis point, providing them with somebody to
talk to and somewhere safe to stay.

The government wants to lower the number of young people who run
away each year, which is 77,000 including 20,000 under the age of

The report sets out how local authorities, helplines, the
Connexions Service, personal advisers, the police and outreach
workers on the street should all act to provide young people with
someone to talk to before during and after they leave home.

Practical measures to prevent young people from running away in
the first place are also outlined. These include providing young
people themselves, families and communities with more information
of the dangers of running away, and where to go for help and advice
through websites and schools.

‘Young runaways’ is available


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